All of our shirts are Designed and Printed here in the U.S.A.

Mission Statement

To keep what makes America great from fading away.   Our primary aim is to inspire our clients with optimism, confidence and courage to take on new and exciting challenges and to help them realize their own tremendous potential and fulfilling their dreams though our innovations. Our secondary aim is to create superior profits for our retailers with innovative high quality products, timely deliveries, and end user satisfaction.


Cold Forged is a product of graphic artists with a passion for the outdoor lifestyle. We have been blessed that we're able, not only make a living being creative but, to be allowed to incorporate our business with the outdoors such as camping, hiking, fishing, shooting, bow hunting, spearfishing, freediving, riding sport bikes, and other sports/lifestyle we love so much. 

Our work is generally offered by many other brands through a graphic studio called  Symmtech Group Inc. (SGI).   We have serviced with action sport companies, Major League Sports Teams (NHL, NFL, and MLB), Disney, Motorsport companies, Military, Police, Angler companies, just name a few. Come visit us at

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